Oakland County Communications Support Team (CST)

Field Communications Unit (FCU)
Field Communications Unit (FCU)

The Communications Support Team (CST) is a unit of the Oakland County Incident Management Team (OCIMT).  The CST is a  a group of public safety and related technical personnel trained and equipped to provide specialized communications support services at public safety incidents to police and fire incident commanders and the Oakland County and Region 2 Incident Management Teams.


The CST operates several specialized apparatus including a self-contained Field Communications Unit (FCU) and a Tactical Communications Trailer (TCT).  Most team members have completed COML training and two team members are COML instructors.


The following are services available:


  • Radio communications interoperability – The team has two ACU-1000s and two ICRIs (Incident Commanders Radio Interface) which provide interoperability between disparate radio systems operating on VHF, UHF, 700/800 MHz, analog, digital, and trunked radio systems. 


  • Incident communications capability – The TCT trailer is equipped with 700/800 MHz repeaters, UHF repeaters, VHF base stations, MPSCS radio, and Open Sky radio.  These communications assets are connected to a console system that permits all of the repeaters, base stations and radios to be controlled by up to three laptop computers.  These repeaters/base stations are capable of operation on all radios channels assigned for public safety interoperability. These communications assets facilitate the establishment of specific incident specific communications networks for police and fire incidents.  


  • Mobile internet access – The unit is equipped with a satellite data communications system and 4G data equipment that provides up link and down link data capability and IP telephone capability. A portable telephone system is utilized to share IP and conventional POTS between up to 16 extension telephones which are equipped with voice mail capability.


  • Mobile computer network capability – The unit is equipped with 802.11g wireless network equipment and Moto mesh networking equipment permitting client laptop computers to communicate with each other,  onboard servers, and the internet using the satellite, wired, or other wireless communications equipment. This network also permits printing and plotting of documents, maps, aerial photos, and other files. 


  • Mobile video capability – The unit is equipped with four portable and two mast mounted video cameras, an onboard server and mesh network system which permit the capture of video from an incident scene, recording, and providing access through the internet to any authorized computer with internet access.   


  • Video conference capability  - The unit is equipped with a video conference unit capable of interfacing via satellite with any of the video conferencing units currently installed in local public safety facilities and emergency operations centers.


  • Satellite telephone, fax, data capability – The unit has a several portable BGAN Inmarsat satellite communications system capable of voice, fax, and data communications. 


  • Equipment Cache - The team maintains the following equipment cache:
    • 11 laptop computers capable of being deployed to utilize the on scene network with internet access and Microsoft Office applications.
    • 45 VHF portable radios capable of operating on common VHF interoperability channels (wideband and narrowband) and a discreet portable repeater channel.
    • 1 VHF portable repeater, power supply and antenna capable of rapid deployment in conjunction with the VHF portables listed above.
    • 75 UHF portable radios capable of operating on common UHF interoperability channels.
    • 120 M/A-COM P-5250 multi mode (Open Sky/MPSCS-P-25/conventional) 700/800 MHz portable radios, battery chargers and accessories.  
    • Portable VTAC (Vehicular Tactical Repeater) capable of extending coverage on the OakWIN radio system. 


  • Deployments - The team has deployed for a number of incidents and scheduled events. These include:
    • Troy Daze Fair (Troy, 2007-2009)
    • The Dundee tornado (2010)
    • Stanley Cup Finals (Royal Oak, 2009)
    • Pride Fair (Ferndale, 2009)
    • Woodward Dream Cruise (2009-2010)
    • Arts, Beats, and Eats (Royal Oak, 2010)
    • Wayne Furniture Store Explosion (2010)
    • National Republican Presidential Candidate Debate (2011)
    • The unit has also supported numerous police and fire training sessions.

Need OCIMT Assistance?

If you are a public safety agency, and would like assistance from OCIMT, contact Oakland County Sheriff Dispatch at 248-858-4911 and request that the IMT be activated for your incident.

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